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Demetra is an Association born to pursue academic and scientific interests.
Its first goal is to design and  to promote new forms, relationships and connections between science and society. The dynamic link between these two areas is also extended to the other related fields.
In Greek mythology, Demetra was one of the twelve gods of Olympus and, in particular, the goddess of agricolture and prosperity. She was the "bringer of seasons" and the main character of life and death cycle, protector of youth, land, marriage and sacred laws. In fact Demetra was intimately associated with the story of seasons. Her daughter was abducted by Hades to be his wife in the Underworld. Because of her anger, Demetra cursed the world creating winter and, after the intervation of Zeus, she and Hades decided to Persephone's custody: each of them will keep her two season each (winter and spring). In ancient Greece the sacred symbols of this huge goddess were corn, grain, poppy and crane. 
The name of our Association reminds of the mythological figure of Demetra, in order to highlight our constant attention for the environmental, territorial and scientific issues.We established links to promote these issues through the diffusion of information, know-how, scientific knowledge and specific activities. 
Demetra's works are:
  • Membership;
  • High level events organization;
  • Digital and web communication;
  • Technical and scientific projects.

Institutions, decision makers and stakeholders are involved in order to better analize and understand scientific matters, linked to the environmental and territorial sectors. These technical activities are the first step to innovate the relationship between science and society and to reduce the ignorance about our world.